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Our work is our art and like all artist we strive to create visual masterpieces that will be trend-setting, exceptional and most of all timeless.  Each of our creations will guaranteed withstand the test of time to be appreciated for generations to come. We don’t set limitations on our art and a separate tier our our work is customising the latest gadgets and products with gold, diamonds and precious gems.

Discretion and class comes hand in hand with our clients base however rest assured that we raise a silent smile when we see our work adorning the wrists of high profile celebrities and royalty across the globe.  Our work is a collaborative effort between designer and craftsman to create meticulously set pieces of art.  We transform watches to the next level of decadence and though we work with gold and many other precious gems its diamonds that are our real passion.  This allure to diamond driven style turns something visually pleasant, into aesthetic perfection.

We don’t see our role as the middle person.  We are an all round service and routinely source watches to match the desires of our clients.  Sold out, rare, vintage simply ask and we will work alongside your vision to develop, design, set and deliver your dream watch.  Our work ethos is based on trust, respect and quality, and our clients are loyal and longstanding; this is testament to this. Meet with us, speak to us and find out for your self why we are rapidly emerging as marker leaders in our field.  Perfection and professionalism is our philosophy and delivering anything less is not an option.

We have been privileged enough through our craft that we are able to commit to philanthropic endeavours and are dedicated in giving back through our support of various charitable organisations.  This includes providing 5% of all our profits to a number of charitable foundations.