Watch Servicing

We ensure that every watch that comes to us is restored to its best possible performance before being ready for the light of day. Our in house team have over 20 years’ experience working watches and are fully equipped and highly dedicated to their craft. We are fully committed to our clients and ensure they receive not only a first class experience, but also a first class product.

When the time pieces first come to us, our team will check the ins and out of the watch to see if there is anything wrong with your timepiece, If we locate any issues with your piece we will contact you to inform you what we have found, a quote will be set out before work proceeds in fixing and if customer is happy the work will go ahead to restore the piece back to its former glory. After the watch has be restored we stand by our work by offering a 12 month warranty.

Watch Authentication

We offer a watch authentication service which allows us assess the authenticity of your timepiece. The service includes establishing whether your timepiece is genuine or counterfeit this is done by our on site team that with their many years of experience will open the watch looking at the mechanism ensuring all is genuine. In addition, we also run a check on the watch register to ascertain whether watch has been stolen.

THE WATCH REGISTER database is part of the Art Loss Register. Founded in London in 1990, the Art Loss Register is the world’s largest private database of lost, stolen and looted art, antiques and collectibles this includes watches. It now contains information on half a million items.

If the check comes back with no information your timepiece hasn’t been lost, stolen or looted.


Our skilled watch technicians can help remove the marks and scratches off your case and bracelet – which are brought by daily wear and tear. Your watch will feel like it is fresh from the factory and be left with a premium finish.

We can polish matt and shiny to ensure that the watch is returned to you the way the watch is meant to look. Some watches require special treatments such as sandblasting, this service we are also able to offer. After the watch is fully polished your watch is given a once over again making sure nothing has been missed, The watch then goes into a ultrasonic rinse to ensure complete perfection to the cleaning and final outcome, Our watch technicians then carefully put your timepiece back together and prepare it for your collection.