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What Watch Trends Will Be Hot This Winter?

The world of fashion is a famously effervescent industry that evolves from one stage to the next, and while no two stages are ever alike – there are times when you can see what’s around the corner. The world of watchmaking and horology is no different. Sure, some trends come and go and never come back again, but some trends do come back. So, what are these trends, and what kinds of watches are best poised to take advantage of them this winter?

What colour is king?
The colour of a dial plays a vital role in the way a watch looks and pairs with our outfits. While some colours have less of an impact on the aesthetics of a watch than others, it’s always an important thing to consider none the less. A well-chosen dial will link a watch to an outfit and tie an entire look together, whereas a poorly selected colour will stand out against what it is your wearing. So with this in mind, what colours are going to be in fashion this winter? Aside from the most popular colours; blue, green and black – we can see brown becoming very much in demand.

As the fashion season dictates, winter colours tend to be more earthy tones, and brown is undoubtedly one of the colours best suited to deliver that aesthetic. With numerous different brown dials on offer on the market, there is sure to be a brown dial watch for anyone. From the brown dialled Audemars Piguet Royal Oak to the brown Rolex Day-Date and the chocolate dial Rolex Yacht-Master, there is brown dial watch out there for everyone, no matter their lifestyle, gender or use for the watch.

Material matters
Following on from the brown dials that we feel will be in particular demand this winter, we are also noticing an increased demand from two-tone watches. While stainless steel watches are as popular as ever, more and more people are migrating towards two-tone pieces as they become increasingly affordable compared to their steel counterparts that are plagued by long waiting lists. The metal that everyone seems to want on their watch? Rose gold.

While rose gold itself has been a popular choice in jewellery for years, it has only entered the horological arena in a meaningful sense relatively recently. With both men’s and women’s watches offering the metal, it is being taken much more seriously by brands than it used to be as they incorporate it into their designs in a more noteworthy way. Some examples of pieces that offer the prestigious metal are the Rolex GMT-Master II Rootbeer, offered as both, a two-tone or completely rose gold option, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Suitable for both men and women, rose gold is an understated take on traditional yellow gold that will work exceptionally well with autumnal and winter outfits.

With the way brown dials work specifically well with rose gold, there is no doubt that watches with both features are going to experience heightened levels of demand this winter. Be sure to check our range of brown dial and rose gold watches here http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/inventory/ before they get snapped up. If you are beaten to the punch, feel free to drop us an email or check our website in a day or two, it’s always getting updated.

Invigorate your wrist with vintage
Another trend that looks like it will take hold of the watch industry this winter is the move to more vintage aesthetics. There’s no doubt, of course, that vintage watches have always been popular, but they look to more accepted for daily wear nowadays than just special occasions. With brands bringing back their old designs, the big players in the market like Breitling, Cartier, Rolex and Audemars Piguet are admitting that vintage is definitely here to stay and that the interest in them will only be going up.

Watches like the Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 3800 and the pre-ceramic Rolex GMT-Master 2 can offer you an interesting mix of modern wearability – for both men and women, and function, while also harbouring the distinctively vintage aesthetics that come from a watch of age. If you want to stand out even more with a watch that’s got 30+ years under its belt, a four-digit Rolex Daytona will serve you perfectly as a piece that nobody will have, has a timeless look and finally, is perhaps one of the most legendary timepieces ever to be created.

While demand for vintage watches isn’t anything new, the recent moves from big brands to capitalise on the trend will undoubtedly bring fresh eyes to this part of the market. Inevitably, this will create a peak of demand that we expect to hit us hard this winter. If you’d like to stay ahead of the curve, feel free to check out our range of watches here http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/inventory/, or email us at [email protected]