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Your Guide to Buying a Watch as a Gift this Christmas

Christmas Already
While it might be hard to believe that we aren’t still in April or May, the reality is that Christmas is fast approaching. With that, we need to start thinking about what gifts we’re going to get our loved ones this year. While the usual gifts are all well and good, why not ring in the end of an extraordinary year with an extraordinary timepiece?

Long the go-to piece of jewellery for men, watches have always been the best way for a man to display his sense of self and style. Likewise, watches add an extra bit of flair to the look of any woman’s outfit that rings, bracelets and necklaces just can’t do. On top of their functions, watches are beautiful, and everybody can appreciate that. Here we’re going to breakdown some things you should consider while you’re buying your special someone that special watch.

Tremendous Time Periods
As with the case of most things, the period that something is from can often mean a lot to us. While new things are always great, vintage pieces can resonate with people just as much, if not more. While you are thinking about what watch to buy your special someone this Christmas, you should consider the year it is from. Buying a watch from a year that someone achieved a milestone in their romantic, personal or professional life is always a great way to attach meaning to the timepiece you’re gifting them. It is often the case that people buy a watch from their birth-year, the birth-year of a child or when they got married, so why not beat them to the punch this Christmas and get them something they will always associate with that special time in their life?

Additionally, when buying vintage, it is always interesting to be able to consider various aesthetics that aren’t possible when buying modern. One of the best examples of this is in the Rolex Daytona range. Here http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/product/rolex-daytona-37mm/ we have a 1969 first generation Rolex Daytona that has numerous subtle nuances which separate it from the modern third-generation Daytona. Its slim metal bezel, pump-style pushers, riveted steel bracelet and off-white aged dial all combine to create a unique aesthetic that the modern Daytona cannot emulate. The current Daytona’s thick ceramic bezel, solid bracelet, screw-down pushers and unaged dial all but ensure that.

Selecting Sensuous Shapes
Another thing to consider when buying a watch for a loved one is the shape of the timepiece. Just like materials, which we will get to later, some people prefer specific shapes over others. With this, angular timepieces might appeal to someone with a louder personality than a watch with gentle slopes and a round case. Additionally, certain shapes wear differently, so it’s great to consider how the particular shape might look on someone. Men would typically wear wider pieces easier than a woman, while women can pull off longer more slender timepieces.

Cartier is a brand famous for its excellent use of shape to create watches that can appeal to both men and women. For example, the unisex Roadster http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/product/cartier-roadster/ has a tonneau case shape that appeals to women thanks to its long profile. However, it is becoming increasingly popular with men due to the proliferation of tonneau cases in men’s watches thanks to brands like Franck Muller, Richard Mille and many more.

Material Matters
The final aspect to consider is the material that the watch is constructed from. With a plethora of materials out there, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of each, and how the style and look of each align with the style of the person you are buying for. From steel to ceramic to titanium to all of the various precious metals out there, you will no doubt have a lot of choices. Consider the environments your loved one will wear the watch, and the look of their current collection, if they have one.

For example, a rose gold dress watch like this Patek Philippe Annual Calendar http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/product/patek-philippe-annual-calendar/ makes sense as a purchase for someone that already has a daily wearer and wants a crown jewel in their collection for special occasions. On the contrary, if your loved one doesn’t have a watch or would like something they could wear daily, a two-tone Rolex Datejust http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/product/rolex-datejust-41mm-14/ or a stainless-steel Rolex Submariner http://diamondwatcheslondon.com/product/rolex-submariner-date-5/ would work well for both, men and women.

The Nitty-Gritty?
Of course, there are more details to consider when buying a loved one a timepiece, such as its size, the type of dial, the use of diamonds etc., but those are things you will have to trust yourself on. General advice would be to match the dial colour to outfits your loved one typically wears and match dial styles to their personality. A refined and astute person might appreciate the classical look of roman numerals, whereas a sporty person might want Arabic numerals. In the end, these nitty-gritty details will be what makes the watch a perfect fit for your loved one, and only you will know what an exact match for your special someone this Christmas is.