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How it Works

BUYING 1. Browse listings

Simply find a watch you like. You do not need to register first to browse listings as these are always live and all of our sellers are WATCHDROP approved. We ensure our sellers provide the maximum amount of information possible including condition, year, box, papers, reference number and much more. We also include an average used sale price (at the time of listing) to help you.

2. Offer stage Found what you’re looking for? At WATCHDROP we believe in buying and selling watches at their true market value. Therefore, we give you the control! You now have two options:

1. Buy now- take the watch off the market and snap up  your watch instantly (move directly to step 4)

2. Make an offer- do you want the watch but at a different  price? Simply enter the amount and make the offer. If you need support, simply click “Enquire” and our team will be happy to help with your question before you submit an offer.

3. Offer negotiation The offer will be presented to the seller in their account, the seller can accept or counter your offer until you reach an agreement that suits both yourself and the seller. If the sale is accepted, we move to step 4.

4. Deposit Our secure system will then inform the seller of the confirmation of sale and the purchasing process begins. At this stage a 5% deposit (minimum £250) will be due. If the deposit isn’t made within a reasonable timeframe, your offer will be voided and you could incur a charge. Your deposit is directly secured with WATCHDROP for your safety.

5. Introduction We put you in touch with the seller to arrange payment and collection of your watch at a time/date/location that suits both parties. Payment must be made in one of the methods specified on that watch listing page. Our watches are all from WATCHDROP approved sellers.


1. request a photokit

Looking to sell? It’s free! That’s right! Every step of the way is free and we are here to help whenever you may need help. Head over to the List Your Watch page and request a free photokit. You will be able to use this with your camera or camera phone to take the required photographs of your watch yourself in the comfort of your home.

2. photography & listing Our photokit comes with all of the information you need to create great photos and help your watch sell. Simply take the required photographs and fill out the information to make your listing the best it can be. Our platform means helps ensure that your listing is set up for success. You can set your own pricing and preferred payment methods. We are still here if you need support, simply click “Enquire” and our team will be happy to help with your question.

3. your listing goes live Once your listing’s details have been provided, our team will verify it and add some finishing touches. This gives your watch the best chance of selling at the price you’re looking for. We will send a draft listing for you to review. Once you’re happy with it, we’ll put it live and the watch will be available for purchase or offers instantly.

4. offers You will be notified of any new offers instantly by email. They will also be visible in your account. You now have two options – accept or counter-offer. Accept will trigger the purchase process with the buyer. Counter-offers will be presented back to the buyer to accept or again counter. Once the sale is accepted, the buyer then makes the deposit and secures the watch. The sale is not final until the deposit has been made, therefore your listing will remain live until then.

5. Introduction We put you in touch with the buyer to arrange payment and collection of the watch at a time/date/location that suits both parties. We are always here if you have any concerns. Simply drop the team a message and we will be happy to help with any part of the sale, again, for FREE!

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