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The Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 Split-Seconds Chronograph

Back in 1938, Patek Philippe made a huge stamp in the watch industry by being the first manufacturer to introduce the split seconds chronograph with the ref. 1436. Since its introduction, the brand only released approximately 140 pieces during a span of 33 years of production. You can imagine the urge to own one of these every watch collector must have. Enter the ref. 5370. 

The successor and only other traditional 3-pusher split seconds chronograph Patek has created. Released in 2015, the 5370 pays homage to the 1436 with Breguet numerals and cabochon lugs. You can tell Patek holds this model in high regards just from the dial. 

The beautiful, rich, black, Grand Feu colour that graces the watch dial is enamel- a process we know Patek reserves for its most exclusive models. Looking closer, you can see “email” under the 6 hour marker- French for “enamel” and it’s these small details that add all the value. Whilst the watch is all business at the front, it’s a party when you flip the case over. 

Our eyes get to feast on what could easily be seen as one of the best chronograph calibers around. Sizing in at 41mm with a classic black leather strap, the 5370 is definitely one for the books!

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